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September Brewery of the Month! Guinness

Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House is the first Guinness brewery in the U.S. Since 1954 and just over one year old, they are as strong as ever. We Marylanders have great pride in our state and love the beer that comes from us, including the Guinness Blonde brewed right here in Baltimore. Now we have a whole new beer to take home with us in the beginning of the cold months, the Guinness Milk Stout! A brewery favorite, now sent out to stores all around for everyone to try! No need to fear falling in love with this one, because it is now being made for all year consumption, so say “Ya know what, I’ll have a Guinness!” Cheers!

A full-bodied stout with a velvety mouthfeel. Bursting with aromas of roasted malt and chocolate. A hint of smokiness. Guinness Milk Stout combines a 250-years commitment to brewing dark beers with a determination to never stop innovating. Marrying the deep roast characteristics of Guinness Draught with lactose sugar results in a unique stout with a subtle sweetness. Slight hints of caramel toffee are balanced by a subtle bitterness. Distinctly complex and best enjoyed in the company of an old friend!

Guinness Milk Stout Reg. Price $10.99 SALE PRICE - $9.99/6 pack cans

When Guinness opened it’s new brewery in Baltimore in August of 2018, the goal was to combine 260+ years of Guinness brewing experience with American beer creativity. The first item on the list was to re-interpret the flagship American beer, Guinness Blonde. Their goal was a sessionable golden beer with Guinness character. Focused on making it more refreshing in taste and lighter in color, they supplemented the Mosaic hops with Citra for tasty citrus notes and adjusted the grain bill. The result is a clean, crisp beer that hits the sweet spot between flavor and refreshing taste.

Guinness Blonde Reg. Price $13.99 SALE PRICE - $12.99/12 pack cans

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