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Untapped Official VenueFishpaws is now a Verified Venue on Untappd. Download the mobile app and follow us for instant alerts whenever we tap new beers at the growler station. You can also follow individual breweries and specific beers for additional alerts whenever your favorite brew becomes available on tap or in package. If you follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter, you'll see live updates on those feeds as well.

Fishpaws Marketplace is not a shopping trip it's an experience!

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Calendar of Events

 Monday, 2/18 & Tuesday 2/19 - President's Day Sale - Lowest Prices of the Year on Wine & Spirits - Tastings 12-3 & 4-7pm

Thursday, 2/21 - Value Wines from Around South America

Friday, 2/22 - Evolution Tap Tasting

Thursday, 2/24 - Chilean Wines & Guinness Blonde

Wednesday, 2/27 - The Wonderful Wineyard of Oz! A Wine Dinner Exploring the Wines of Austalia!

Friday, 2/28 - Abita