CHEESE of the Month
Plymouth red white blue
Red, White & Blue

Aged 60 Days

This is the kind of Vermont blue cheese that sits you down and levels with you. A homage to the classic Americana on which the Plymouth brand was built. Red, White & Blue celebrates boldness, character and strength of spirit. With mild peppery accents, this stony, full-bodied, natural rind cheese boasts a flavor that develops steadily, becoming spicier with age. Akin to a Stilton, the creamy cheese itself is an ivory-white hue with streaks that appear in irregular patterns of blue-all of it wrapped in a proud red foil package. This award winning cave-aged blue is gorgeous on its own, paired with a glass of port wine, with a pear or crumbled as an accent to any salad.

Catering Request

48 Hours Notice Required.