AQUASCO JACK a raw milk cloth-bound, washed-curd cheese, its sweeter and nuttier tasting than a cheddar. This cheese took First Place in the American Originals category at the American Cheese Society competition this year in Pittsburgh.

CHESAPEAKE CHEDDAR aged cheddar with a creamy texture and buttermilk tang. It is balanced with savory notes of toasted pecans and fresh churned butter. Using only traditional hand mill and patience to craft this rustic clothbound cheese. Extra care is taken to age wheels in a monitored custom environment for a minimum of six months.

PRINCE GEORGE’S BLUE CHEESE a natural-rinded blue cheese celebrates Maryland’s seasons with handcrafted flavor. On the farm located in Prince George’s County, lush pastures with many species of grass give their milk a wonderfully complex taste that fluctuates with the seasons. This blue is equally rich in character but does not bite back; it is calm and creamy. The nutty aromas come to the forefront of this refreshing blue as we dampen those salty, peppery punches. Penicilium Roquefort mold culture, rennet, and Celtic sea salt. Each batch is aged for over 60 days.

DREAMY CREAMY is made just like blue cheese, but without the blue mold. Try it as a queso fresco in your favorite Mexican dish, toss it with cooked vegetables, sprinkle it over the top of a casserole, or enjoy it on any cheese or fruit plate.

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