Evalon is a Raw Goat milk original from Wisconsin that embodies a rich nutty flavor of an aged Gouda while featuring notes of piquant Asiago and layers of Caramel-like Parmesan. It has nutty and creamy flavor which becomes increasingly complex with age, presenting deeper caramel notes. This Gouda style artisan cheese is great for cheese boards, appetizers or in Italian dishes. Works very well with any food, especially spicy food as it softens the heat. It is a great accompaniment for fruity white wines, dry red wines, or Champagne. It goes particularly well with Belgian beers.

Der Scharfe Maxx cheeses are made in the creamery of Käserei Studer in Switzerland. Each is crafted using milk from Jersey, Brown Swiss and Holstein cows that are all within ten miles of the creamery for the freshest local flavors available. For the cheese connoisseur, this means an unexpected punch of fruit-forward flavor and a satisfying, silky texture.

The feisty bull on the label is true to its name. Though mild at first taste, this washed-rind, semi-soft cheese packs a beefy pungency and a bold, nutty bite that cheese fans desire. Its sharp finish offers a hint of barnyard from the locally produced raw milk. The addition of cream during the make process offers a rich silkiness that balances and mellows the savory notes of sautéed onion, beef broth, and sweet funk, which develop during its careful curing in the cellars. Serve with crisp, minerally white wines, hard cider, or an IPA.

La Quercia is made in Iowa by smoking prosciutto with Applewood. This is exceptional ham for the sophisticated American palate. The evocative aroma and warm flavor of a wood fire make this a familiar eating experience; the natural sweet flavor of the aged prosciutto offers a delicate contrast. This Speck is cured for a minimum of 35 weeks, while Speck of Valtellina is typically cured for only 18 weeks, and Speck Alto Adige is cured a minimum of 20 weeks. The aging time is a major factor that influences La Quercia Speck’s richness of flavor. The pigs used in La Quercia have access to the outdoors, room to move around, and to root.

Nduja Americana is La Quercia’s version of a classic spicy Calabrian spreadable salami. Made from fully cured prosciutto and speck, sea salt and red chili pepper, this southern Italian favorite packs a punch. Shaped into a sausage shape, the cured pork and spices are ground so that you have a uniquely spreadable salami that is so versatile. Spice up a pasta sauce, grilled cheese, burger, pizza, crostini, or tacos.

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