Fire Fly Farms


Pasteurized Goat's Milk, Bacterial Cultures, Vegetable Rennet, Salt.

Firefly uses only four simple ingredients to make their cheeses; they are free of additives, preservatives, or stabilizers. All the cultures and enzymes we use in cheese making, including vegetable rennet and surface ripening cultures, are GMO-free. Only using fresh, local, raw milk and never frozen curd.

MountainTop is one of FireFly Farms' original aged cheeses, launched first in 2002. MountainTop takes its shape from pyramid-shaped Valancay molds. It is a surface-ripened cheese with blue and white molds. The blue mold gives the delicate piquancy of a young blue cheese, and the white mold imparts a silky creaminess. It is the most highly awarded cheese in our product line with nearly 30 individual national and international honors.

Merry Goat Round is a brie-style, surface ripened goat's milk round. Merry Goat Rounds are wrapped at 2-weeks, when the white bloomy rind is established. As it ripens from its rind inwards, it softens and becomes creamier with deepening earthy flavors. The rind is edible at any stage of maturity. Merry Goat Round starts with a clean, lactic sharpness and develops stronger complex mushroom-flavor notes with age.