Wine, Beer, Spirit & Cheese Tasting

Wine & Cheese Tasting - Thursday, 5:00 - 7:00

Beer & Cheese Tasting - Fridays, 4:00 - 7:00

Special Spirit Tastings

Due to Liquor Licensing Rules Fishpaws isn't allowed to offer FREE tastings (Nominal Fee Goes to Charity). Fishpaws Marketplace matches consumer tasting donations! See how much has been donated!

This Month's Charity:  Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company


Thursday – February 20th, 5pm-7pm - – Incredible Values from Spain, Portugal and Beyond & Victory Brewing

Friday, February 21, 4-7pm – Black Flag Tap Takeover

Thursday – February 27th, 5pm-7pm - Local Favorites from Boordy Vineyards & Forward Brewing from Annapolis

Friday, February 28, 4-7pm – 3 Star Tap Takeover & Gentleman Jack Tasting & Bottle Etching

Thursday, March 5th, 5PM-7PM: Amazing Values from Portugal, Spain, Italy and France & Murphy’s Irish Stout

Thursday, March 12th, 5PM-7PM: New Arrivals! Intrinsic, Unshackled and Liquid Light & Guinness

Friday, March 13- Slade Irish Whiskey

Thursday, March 19th, 5PM-7PM: New Arrivals from Europe & 1623 Brewing

Friday, March 20 - Elder Pine Tap Takeover & Halo Honey Liqueur

Thursday, March 26th, 5PM-7PM: Local Wines from The Vineyard At Dodon & Two Pitchers Brewing

Friday, March 27 - Rusty Rail Tap Takeover & St Michael’s Lyon Distilling