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In our continuing effort to be a cutting edge retailer, Fishpaws has installed a spirit tasting station. You can now sample exciting premium spirit brands. We will offer serving sizes of ½ oz. or a full ounce. We feature selected brands every month.

Fishpaws Own Single Barrel Whiskies

What is a single barrel bourbon? When new whiskey goes into the barrel, it all starts life out pretty much equal. But once the barrel is tucked away in the rickhouse, it might age a little differently from the barrel three floors up or the one at the other end of the building. Where that barrel spends its aging years has a lot to do with the flavor characteristics of the whiskey as it matures inside. For a Single Barrel Bourbon, then, there is no "marrying. A Single Barrel Bourbon is a rare find, actually, because it - and it alone - contains all the qualities we seek in that particular product. It’s a one of a kind.

Jack Daniels Single Barrel EMAIL Jack Daniels Single Barrel - Here and there in the hills about Jack Daniel’s Hollow are nestled the plain, wood-and-tin barrelhouses where something magical happens to Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. Summer after summer, over the years, the pores of the oak barrels open up, allowing some of the whiskey to seep in. Winter after winter, the pores contract. When the whiskey is forced back out, it takes on an amber color, but also subtle flavors – like the caramelized sugars from the barrel’s charred interior – that give Jack Daniel’s its distinctive taste. The unique flavors depend on the temperature extremes during the seasoning process, and even where the barrels sit in the barrelhouse. When we’re sampling each barrel of whiskey as it comes of age, Jeff Arnett sets a few aside, ones with the smoothest taste, richest color and most intense flavor. These barrels are destined for something special: to be sold, one barrel at a time, to our most discriminating customers. Only one in a hundred of our barrels earn this distinction. Fishpaws has just received one of these barrels. Our barrel is from Rick no. L-25, Barrel No 15-7273 which was bottled on 12/8/2015. Distillation Date: 2010  It has a nose of caramel, orange and vanilla with a little aroma of wood. The taste has a distinctive cinnamon clove, with notes of caramel and vanilla. The finish is long a citrus note with a slight charcoal finish. $ 54.99 JUST ARRIVED 3/2016  ONLY 2 Bottles Left

Knob Creek Single Barrel - Angela & Kim from Fishpaws Marketplace went to Kentucky in April to pick out their Knob Creek barrel directly from the rick house and from the barrel. We are very excited to introduce you, to our choice! Anthony Truzzolino, from Beam Global will be educating and talking bourbon with us.

Tasting Notes at Barrel – The nose is of toasted coconut with a banana fosters & crème de almond finish. On the palate, there are cherry notes upfront moving to orange and finishing with vanilla. Add water and it enhances both the nose and palate flavors.  $45.99 JUST ARRIVED 9/2016

Woodford single barrel


Woodford Reserve Single Barrel - The nose is of caramel, orange, vanilla and a hint of woodiness.  The palate is a medley of brown savory baking spices of cinnamon and clove, complimented by dark chrry and dried cranberry with hints of caramel and vanilla.  The finish is long with lingering charcoal nuances. Mash Build: 72% Corn – 18% Rye – 10% Malted

$59.99Liter JUST ARRIVED 11/2016



Four Roses Single Barrel

General Manager and Kim Lawson our owner, were invited to Four Roses Distillery to choose a single barrel bourbon to be bottled Four Roses 2016 LabelJPGespecially for our store and customers. We arrived to 6 different barrels pulled from the rack house for us to taste through to find that ultimate flavor profile for our customers. We were assisted by Al Young, Brand Ambassador and Mandy Vance Assistant Manager, Private Barrel Selection. We tasted, took notes and re-tasted until we found our choice. We picked a barrel which was aged ten years with a 124.9 proof, with the OESV mashbill. With the barrel being a higher proof and from the "E" mashbill, heavy corn, 75%, both will make it very sought after. There are only 15 cases of this rare beauty. The bourbon has a nose of creaminess with aromas of baking spices and oranges. The color is dark with a nose of honey and caramel. It has a flavor of baking spices with a delicious vanilla caramel note. It has a long finish with wide legs in the glass. Add a cube of ice to soften the alcohol.  Recipe – OESV Barrel – “D” Rack - 70 Tier – 6 Warehouse – T; South side Proof – 124.9
Age – 10yrs  Distilled Jan 3, 2007 Barreled – Jan 12, 2007 Bottled – Jan 12, 2017

 $74.99/750ml JUST ARRIVED 3/2017



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